A step into blogging again – after a wee long pause!

thoughtful vintage

Life called the shots last summer and everything usual and routine took a back seat, a random left turn, a step into another life, another reality – a stressful thing turned into a new path in my life.

So, after sorting out the whole ‘what is my password’ issue, I hope to get back into a new regular swing of this blogging lark of a nature and lovely kind.

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Volunteers are needed to carry out wildlife surveys in the New Forest as part of a project from the Natural History Museum.

The museum is working with the Game And Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to study how the New Forest’s wildlife is affected by heathland management.

Dr Barbara Smith, a senior entomologist with GWCT, said: “We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to come out with us in June to survey heathland sites. There will be opportunities for training with both the GWCT and the Natural History Museum in London. We are also interested in hearing from anyone who would like to help us with educational events.”

Specifically the project will look at how burning heaths and vegetation cutting have an impact on wildlife.

A spokesman for the GWCT said: “Burning heaths is a traditional way of controlling plant growth on heaths to encourage the growth of plants as livestock forage. It is done on a rotation so that different areas are burnt each year, creating a patchwork of different ages of regenerating heath. There is also a small program of vegetation cutting which takes place in the forest, but it is not known whether these two management techniques have an impact on wildlife.”

The project is funded by the Sustainable Development Fund of New Forest National Park, the Verderers Of The New Forest and the National Trust.

To get involved call Dr Smith on 07733 268651 or email info@gwct.org.uk

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Irish Moiled bull, GSO, MOO,wants lady Irish Moiled moo to woo

Moo love. Is there anything sweeter than a Mr Moo meeting theie valentine…moo loove ooh

“The National Trust reports lovesick cows get new mate for Valentine’s
The new Irish Moiled bull and the four other bulls will be expected to mate with all 65 breeding cows over the spring and summer at Wimpole Estate with calves expected in 2013.

To sign up and to get involved with everything related to farming, food and where it comes from, visit www.my-farm.org.uk

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10,000 farmers needed – no experience needed

This sounds wonderful. Anyone fancy it? I think I do….hmmm

“We’re looking for 10,000 people to take control of one of our working farms at Wimpole, Cambridgeshire as part of an online public experiment to connect tens of thousands of people with how food is produced on a real working farm.

The MyFarm project will give an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into how the 1,200 acre organic farm operates and our 10,000 Farmers will help make farming decisions throughout the year.

From whether to grow wheat, barley or oats, through to which animals to buy and rear, the Farmers’ decisions will be put into practice by Wimpole Farm Manager, Richard Morris.

As the country’s biggest farmer – more than 80 per cent of the 250,000 hectares of land under our care is farmed in some way – it is our role to re-connect people with farming to promote care for the land.

MyFarm will be a bit like Farmville for real, giving consumers the chance to get involved in the real business of farming, deepening their relationship with how food is produced so they can participate beyond just being consumers.

How will it work?
Wimpole Home Farm – the farm at the centre of this experiment – is a 1,200 acre mixed farm and home to a range of rare breed animals. Our Farm Manager will be the man responsible for setting the decisions, feeding in information and then carrying out the wishes of his 10,000 new bosses.

Though facilitated online, the Farmers’ decisions will affect everything from the crops that are grown and animals that are stocked, through to investments in new facilities and machinery. Each major decision will be made within the framework of our sustainable approach as Europe’s largest conservation organisation and will be debated by the community and then voted on.

Each time a major decision is needed Richard will set the context, pose the options – with the pros and cons of each – and start an online discussion with the Farmers.  Farmers will have two weeks to debate the issue, feed in information and ask questions of Richard and his team. The majority vote will be carried out on farm so that they see the real life consequences of that decision play out.

To help with the decisions there will be a lot of online content, including live webchats and comment and opinion from both well known farming experts and our tenant farmers.

Farmers will be asked to pay a one-year subscription fee of £30 to cover the costs of running the experiment. We will receive no money – every penny will be invested into the project.

By the end of the first year, we aim to have significantly boosted the Farmers’ understanding of the realities of food and farming throughout the seasons, with the debates they engage in having an even broader reach into their networks of friends and families.

Who’s it for?
MyFarm will appeal to people who want their influence over how food is produced to go beyond what they choose to put in their supermarket trolley.  It’s the next stage on from the grow your own movement and will appeal to anyone with any interest in food and farming.

Anyone over the age of 13 can join and it’s open to everyone (Trust membership not required).

We hope you’ll join us for a real taste of real farming life.  With only 10,000 Farmer places available, interested parties should sign up now.

Visit MyFarm to find out more.”

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Little Bo Peep loves: Winterwatch

Sorry my sheepie peepsies for not blogging on here for ages, you may have all gone to sleep or thought I’d given up on it, but I haven’t and I’m here and will do my best to gt this blog into ship shape (my blurry lamb ears wnd why won’t my categories show where I want them too).

Last year I spent more time on my second blog Mrs Antil’s Apartment and I’m still a relative novice but getting there so please stay with me….

Winterwatch with Chris Packham and Kate humble was on about a week or so ago and it was great. I get so excited when Springwatch is on and I love Autumnwatch too – Springwatch is my favourite though.

It inspired me to be willing and confident to be part of conservation and to work with animals. I don’t get paid to be a stock checked and I don’t need to be as I love it. I would love to work with animals or at least find out more about it, but for now I am more than happy learning more about sheep, cows and how grazing animals help protect and encourage rare natural habitats that are part of ancient and wonderful grasslands.

The affect that knowing I am making a difference whilst having the honour of working with such lovely, sweet and intelligent animals is truly amazing and beyond words.

Being out in the world with nature, wherever that may be is a good and wonderful thing. It’s good for mental health, physical health, emotional health and the health of the environement – nature, people, animals, the world. If you think you are not part of it then please let me say that you are, and you are, each person is part of this planet and every person can make a positive difference be it to not drop litter, to plant wild flowers, to keep a street clean, to care for animals, to think of the environment and to aim to better more responsible in your community.

Winterwatch to community care watch in one long ramble.

Do what makes you happy and that helps the world be lovely.

Little Bo Peep love to you,


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The Frog Chorus – the cows may have a chorus but I’ll get to them in a moment…

I love this. We used to sing this at assembly in primary school and it was very funny and lovely, and utterly childlike and sweet, just as it should be.

Sung by Sir Paul McCartney, lyrics appear in German for this one but it’s the song and video that are delightful. Please sing your little sheepie hearts out.

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Ooh just discovered Downland Views blog


I think I may have seen the Downland Views blog before and just forgotten, I am out of the shoop  – sheep loop. It is wonderful though and I am going to continue reading it with great interest and thanks that they too call sheep sheepies and sheepy. Phew.



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